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Peak Business Solutions offers simple, affordable, cost-justified and effective answers to today ’s operational problems.

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Peak Business Solutions has over 30 years experience providing industrial engineering services throughout the supply chain, including distribution center, transportation, retail and manufacturing, specializing in the grocery, HBC/GM and food service industries. Peak is well versed in developing solutions for these unique and challenging operating environments. You will appreciate the knowledge, experience and execution Peak brings to any project.

Proven Results
Even the best engineered program is useless unless is has been well designed, executed and implemented, plus easy to maintain. Peak recognizes each organization is unique, requiring a different design and approach. Follow-up is key. Once a program is implemented, it must be easy to maintain internally as the organization changes and grows.

Time Is Money

Short Pay Back Periods
Improvements implemented by Peak typically provide payback periods measured in weeks or months, not years. The depth of experience in auditing, recommending and implementing changes to improve operational productivity, quality and service levels prior to developing engineered work standards is paramount. Examples of changes Peak incorporates prior to developing standards include optimization of methods, procedures and work processes, slotting, staffing and scheduling, travel distance reduction, cube and equipment utilization, etc.

The depth of experience Peak has had with numerous operations and organizations provides the vision required to recognize each operation requires a solution that is tailored to fit vs a "one size fits all" approach. Peak provides the experience needed to determine those changes that are worth pursuing, and the importance in minimizing operational disruptions. If engineered standards and incentives have already been implemented in an operation, Peak can assist in making significant improvements without changes to the standards themselves.